Hello and salutations!

Greetings my good folks on this blog that has just emerged from waters of the Internet. Blog is under heavy developement, which basically means I’m using generic banner, and might add something else when time’s right (when I’m not being lazy). I will probably adjust colours and stuff, but not too much, because I really lack a good taste when it comes for layouts.

Blog is going to concentrate on few topics – general stuff, like this, which will contain some information very loosely connected with tech thingies. News concerning Windows Phones, and finally some creative stuff you can do with the phone, using software available on the wp store, desktop computers and nearby groceries.

I’m right now owning Lumia710 and 820, which means anything I decide will be made with either of them, but hopefully should be possible with every other phone available on the market. In case it won’t, I’ll make sure to note that in the post.

So, stay tuned, and lets hope this will be a pleasant ride we are going to have together 🙂



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