First news on incomming WP updates.

Today was definitely an interesting day for windows phone fans.

While most of us people outside of US only start enjoying the Portico update for windows phone 8, today Windows Phone Central informed us about a leak of possible new update.

The minor update called “GDR2 Beta 2” (as “General Distribution Releases”, Portico is said to be GDR1) is in testing on Nokia’s Navifirm servers.
Possible changes are gossiped to contain:

  • improved camera performance,
  • personalized colour profiles
  • fix to temporary storage issue (about time)

As I do not have lumia920 I guess I won’t be able to fully appreciate camera improvements, personalized colour profiles are okay, but in fact it is storage error fix that is a major thing in this update. Problem has occurred months ago, and there are increased reports of it causing serious problems to more and more users (including me, more on that when I’m done with Asphalt7 review).
Another good thing is that the GDR updates are said to be more frequent than those we received so far. GDR2 will probably come around May, then there will be GDR3 and after that we should get major os update ‘Blue’ somewhere around holidays in December.


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