Another games from Gameloft for WP devices

It seems Gameloft is on the roll, today they released another two game

First one is The Amazing Spiderman based on 2012’s The Amazing Spiderman movie. The game costs $6.99 which is highest available price tag for mobile game on wp right now and offers a lot of built in micro transactions to drain ones wallet even more.
I did not have the time to test the game but as with previous Gameloft title, it requires a ton of memory to install – above 2GB (failed for me at aprox 2.1, had to remove Asphalt to allow Spidey to install) and after the installation, it only requires about 565MB.


The other game is the Real Football (Soccer for the US) 2013, it’s as you guessed, a soccer sim, with price as low as $00.00 but a ton of micro transactions. Game is said to require about 800MB and I shiver to think how much free space it requires to proceed with install? (Windows Phone Central reports it being about 4GB, which is nuts). With memory issues aside this game might be worth looking at anyway, especially with it being free.

As much as it pleases me to see WP game developement gaining some momentum, one can see quite a few issues arising with this new platform:
Not optimized for gamining, all of the new Gameloft games require you to have 1GB of ram, which crosses out most of the available phones, and is caused by how wp manages its memory (for example: Asphalt 7 needs about 300~ mb ram. WP8 says it can’t take that much because it needs its share of ram for the system to run smoothly and does not permit the game to run on 500MB ram hardware).
Secondly the game does not seem to work as smooth as they should, after trying out Spider Man on  Lumia 820 the game performance and smoothness was far from satisfying, I wonder how does it work on 920 which has identical hardware but higher resolution (more pixels to render, shouldn’t it provide lower performance then?).
Third problem with current games is the amount of memory required during installation – if game requires 4 times more memory to install than it takes after the install, then something is wrong, don’t you think? It is very wasteful way of managing and blocks most of the phones from even thinking of installing the games, especially with “other” storage issues.

The two new releases leave us with 9 more games that Gameloft announced earlier:


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