Cinemagraph for WP 7.x Lumias

Cinemagraph, application used to create very fun animated “still” photos is now available also for older Lumias.Go grab it from the link below and enjoy the moment!
Cinemagraph for WP 7.x


3 thoughts on “Cinemagraph for WP 7.x Lumias

  1. I love the ability to make cinemagraphs – I’ve posted a few in my blog that I made on my Lumia 920. I particularly love the update that allows these to be posted to facebook as the social site doesn’t offer gif support for direct upload, leaving you with static images.

    • Aye, nokia does awesome job providing solid apps like this one. Even better that they try to provide continous support to ‘older’ phones that did not get wp8.

      • Well, Nokia seem to be supporting the Windows OS on mobile more than Microsoft at the moment so it’s hardly surprising. I was debating between the Lumia 920 and the 8X – so glad I opted for Nokia.

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