Voice recording in Windows Phone? Yup!

First of all, Happy Easter to all of you. Secondly, I’ve decided to stop collecting eggs for a time being and share with you some of my infinite knowledge.
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Did you know? Built-in QR code reader

Since I am on the road and have nothing interesting to do I have decided to post some using WordPress for WP 🙂
Since almost always I have seen tones upon tones of useless applications on the wp store.
One type of such apps are those letting you read QR codes – there are many of them available, all of them do exactly the same and, what’s most surprising, people install them for some odd reason.
QR readers are available for phones having both wp7.5+ and wp8.
Under wp7.5+ press search button, and then eye icon on the bottom. Note that I am writing this from memory, but it should be accurate:)
It is worth mentioning that it is not available for some regions, but you can go around this by changing your region (or probably just language not sure right now).

For WP 8 simply run camera, go to lenses and choose Bing Vision 🙂

Hello and salutations!

Greetings my good folks on this blog that has just emerged from waters of the Internet. Blog is under heavy developement, which basically means I’m using generic banner, and might add something else when time’s right (when I’m not being lazy). I will probably adjust colours and stuff, but not too much, because I really lack a good taste when it comes for layouts.

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