Unity comes to Windows Phone

During last week we have seen a few new games(No Gravity, Boom Brigade 2) on our platform that I did not really write about, mostly because there was nothing ground breaking about them, but it still does not mean I will not make a review of them in near future.

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A gossip!


Most of us probably seen concept of Google’s Glass augmented reality eye glassess. Not sure how about you, but it sure made me jealous of android phones and wish there was something like that supporting Windows Phone

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Windows Phone top 10 languages

According to earlier tweet made today by Alan Mendelevich (founder of AdDuplex) only 33% of wp users have it set to English. Personally I find this quite surprising, seeing how heavily it is advertised in the US and how delayed wp phones are in other parts of the world.

The original tweet and a nice chart can be found here.