WP8 Lumias should get software update soon.

It came to my attention that Nokia released fix for ‘other’ memory problem for their Lumia WP8 Phones. Rejoice people!


Voice recording in Windows Phone? Yup!

First of all, Happy Easter to all of you. Secondly, I’ve decided to stop collecting eggs for a time being and share with you some of my infinite knowledge.
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EA Games for WP cheaper for a week!

Just a quick note for those of us who enjoy games on their phones – there’s EA Publisher Sale going on right now, which means that for a week you can get some of the EA titles cheaper, full list and details here and here.

Windows Phone top 10 languages

According to earlier tweet made today by Alan Mendelevich (founder of AdDuplex) only 33% of wp users have it set to English. Personally I find this quite surprising, seeing how heavily it is advertised in the US and how delayed wp phones are in other parts of the world.

The original tweet and a nice chart can be found here.


Hello and salutations!

Greetings my good folks on this blog that has just emerged from waters of the Internet. Blog is under heavy developement, which basically means I’m using generic banner, and might add something else when time’s right (when I’m not being lazy). I will probably adjust colours and stuff, but not too much, because I really lack a good taste when it comes for layouts.

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